Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28, 2014

Aloha everybody!!!
 We had a pretty fun week. As you already know we went to the PCC. It was pretty awesome! We saw part of the boat show or whatever it was called, then we went to the Samoan show, it was pretty cool, the guy that did it was really funny. Then we went to the Tahiti show, that was pretty good,then the Tongan show. The Tongan show was also pretty funny, they picked a guy from the audience that was from Alabama to be a part of the show. I thought that was pretty cool. I can't wait to see the night show now! We had lots of fun at the PCC!!!
     This week is transfer week, and I found out that I'm being transferred! Only 1 transfer in this area I guess lol. I don't know where I'm being transferred to yet, I'll find out Wednesday I guess. They're going back to not telling you your new area till Wednesday. All I know is that I'm staying on Oahu lol, not going off Island again. It would be funny if I went to a car area again! So much for losing weight in a biking area before I go home lol!
      I'll have to keep in touch with the Elders in this area to see what's going on with Casie and the Browne family. I'm going to miss those people. We will be meeting the Browne family tonight, so hopefully we can extend the baptismal invitation again and set a date for their baptism. Hopefully they will continue to progress in the gospel while I'm gone in my new area! I hope you guys will have a great week also! Thanks for all the letters!!


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