Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August 11th 2014

     Aloha everybody!! We had a pretty good week last week. I like this area. You guys probably heard about the hurricanes that we had. It got downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it got to Big Island, so by the time it got to Oahu, it just a rained a lot. We helped our Bishop Our mission president had us stay in side our apartments until like 3pm when it stopped raining, which I thought was kind of funny. All the schools and stuff were closed for the day too. We were expecting a huge storm so we were wondering when it was really going to "hit" lol! I heard that my old area on the Big Island, Pahoa area, got hit the hardest out of all the places in Hawaii. There were downed tress everywhere along roads, everyone has no power and might be without it for weeks. There was also a second hurricane but it is too far north now so it didn't touch us. Right now it's sunny clear skies, usually it's partly cloudy or overcast, so that's nice.
      We did a hike this morning. It was one of the same hikes I did like almost 18 months ago. The pill box is what it's called, we went early to catch the sunrise. It was a pretty nice view at the top. We were all like "it's great to be in Hawaii!". I remember last time I went on this hike it was super muddy, but this time it was dry, even though we just had a storm a couple days ago. I have a couple pictures for you guys!
      Missionary work is going good, we just got a referral from mormon.org. A guy referred himself and requested a Book of Mormon. His name is Andrew, he's a Catholic minister guy. We met him , gave a Book of Mormon, and set an appointment this coming Sunday. He's a pretty nice guy and wants to know more about what we believe. It'll be pretty interesting, we don't know if he'll progress, but we hope for the best! We are also going to be teaching the after baptism lessons with Kaileen this week, usually they have the members do that, but now we should be there teaching the lessons with a ward missionary. We have another investigator that we teach, her daughter is a recent convert, but she hasn't been baptized yet because she has some concerns, one of them having to do with women and the priesthood. She also goes up to Laie on the weekends, so we don't see her at church. We didn't teach her last week because of the "storm", so hopefully we'll teach her again this week, and be able to resolve her concerns and commit her to be baptized!!!. Hope you guys have a good week! Take care!!!

Elder Randall

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