Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August 18th 2014

Aloha everybody! We had a good week this week. I went on an exchange Wednesday with the zone leaders because my comp is a district leader. The area the Kaneohe zone leaders cover is Kahaluu, which is my 2nd area! It was great to see my old area and the people there!! The next day we had zone conference. Zone conference was pretty good. They always have the missionaries that are going home this transfer or the next transfer give their testimonies. So since I'm going home next transfer I gave my testimony!! We call it a "dying testimony" lol! I can't believe it's almost been 2 years now! It went by pretty fast. I'm grateful to be in the best mission in the world!! lol!
         After Zone conference we went straight to a lesson at the church. A sister in our ward brought a friend that was interested in hearing the gospel. So we taught her the restoration, and she wants to hear more and also be baptized!!! So we set a date for Sep. 20th. We have a lesson with her and her husband tomorrow morning, and we'll commit her husband as well. She's pretty sure her husband will want be baptized too, so we're hoping for the best tomorrow! We had a lesson with the guy that referred himself on mormon.org yesterday. It was a pretty good lesson, he knows a lot already about the church, he just wanted to hear it from us missionaries. He said he'll think about joining I he thinks it's true, so we told him how he could get his own answer from God. The only thing that I thought was funny was that he doesn't want to meet with us until he finishes reading the Book of Mormon, so he said we could come visit him a month later. It's cool that he's reading the Book of Mormon, but I wish we could at least meet with him once a week. I'm looking forward to this week, well mostly tomorrow, to have our lesson with Nohea and her husband. see you guys next week!

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