Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August 25th 2014

Aloha everybody! This week was pretty awesome! We just got out of a
lesson with Nohea and her husband Bryson. We had a pretty good lesson
with them. But Bryson isn't sure if he wants to be baptized. So we
asked them to pray about it and also the Book of Mormon and they would
get an answer. We're doing our best to teach them and help them come
closer to the gospel. Nohea is still excited to be baptized, and we're
looking for ward to that and helping her to get to that point.
      So this week is transfer week. So I'll be staying and my
companion Elder Moffitt will be leaving to Laie. My new companion is
Elder Saunders, I've served around him before when I was in Honolulu
and he was a greenie. He's a cool guy and I like him a lot, so I'm
pretty sure we'll get along great lol! We are having a zone activity
today for our last P day of the transfer over at China man's hat beach
park. We'll be playing sports stuff over there I guess and eating food
and signing journals.
     We also found a couple new investigators while knocking on doors
ans we'll be meeting with them tomorrow, so we are looking forward to
this coming week. Lessons, transfers, new companion, fun stuff lol!
This will be my last transfer on my mission, and the transfer ends on
Oct 15th, so I got to make the most of it before I go home!!!!!!! See
you guys next week!! Take care!! Oh and there's pics of the sea life
park, that was pretty cool. We got to see dolphins jump out of the
water and do flips and stuff lol!

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