Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 15th 2014 One Month Left!!!!

Aloha everybody! We had a pretty good week last week. Our main investigator, Nohea, is still in the mainland. She'll be back on the 18th. But other than that we still had a pretty successful week! No appointments cancelled. We had 3 of our investigators come to church yesterday, so that was cool. And on Wednesday we will be meeting with 2 new investigators. They invited us over for dinner! So we are looking forward to that! 
     For P-day last week we also went to the Sea life park again and this time we got there earlier and stayed for most of the shows! It was pretty fun. There's like a walk in bird cage thing with choke birds and you can feed them, we probably had the most fun in there lol! you can see in the pictures! We are going to the temple tomorrow, so today isn't actually our P-day but we can email today! I think this week will be pretty good, temple trip, dinner with new investigators, yeah! looking forward to it! Take care guys! Talk to you next week!

Elder Randall


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