Friday, September 26, 2014

September 22, 2014

Aloha everybody!!! We had a great week! I told you guys last week that we had a dinner on Wednesday with investigators. It was an awesome dinner! The 2 grand parents, the son(wife is already a member), and also the grandchildren want to take the lessons! We set our next appointment on Oct 1st, I wish we could have it sooner but they're going to be busy until then.
The dinner they made us was awesome by the way! We also had 2 of our members invite one of our investigators over for dinner on Monday and Thursday. Our members are starting to help out more. Members help out a lot especially when investigators are going through hard times. I've seen how much the members help out in pretty much all my areas.
      We went to the temple last week. They are doing some intense construction over by the visitor center, i forgot to take a picture of it. there used to be like a fountain pool thing but they dug it up and all the concrete around it. Not sure what they're planning to do. The next time i go to the the temple it'll be my last time while on a mission! My mission went by so fast! But then I feel like i lived here a long time lol! I took some pictures for you guys, enjoy!
PS: that water fountain is like a cannon lol!

Elder Randall

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