Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8th 2014

Aloha everybody! We had a pretty fun week last week. For district meeting on Tuesday, President Warner came to sit in on the meeting. It was Elder Moala's first district meeting as a district leader. He said he was really scared because he thought President would correct him on everything and tell him how to do a district meeting. It was a good district meeting, President gave his input on the training and some new ideas, it was pretty cool. On Wednesday we went to Pearl Harbor! For the 9th time I think lol! I got a T-shirt from them since it was my last time. We helped them take down some banners, because the day before was the anniversary of Japan surrendering on board the USS Missouri in World War 2. It was pretty fun, especially since 2 zones were there, Kaneohe and Honolulu. Did some hanging out and service lol! We finished the service pretty quick because there was so many of us. Then for dinner that night we went to Teddy's bigger burgers and we both got a monster double hamburger, with 2 9oz patties. It was super huge and super good lol! I'll have to take you guys there when we come back lol! For P-day today, we went to the light house. (my 4th time!) But this time for the sunrise. We couldn't really see the sunrise, but we could see the other islands, pretty good, Molokai, Maui, Lanai, and even Big Island. It was pretty cool!
        We've had another slowish week as far as missionary work goes. Nohea, and her husband are on the mainland until the 18th so we weren't able to meet with them this morning. So we'll resume teaching them when they come back. We need to emphasize the importance of coming to church next time we see them, because they haven't been yet. We got pretty bored one day and decided to knock on the highest door in our area lol! It's a pretty cool view at the top but takes a while and a lot of sweat to get there lol! We knocked on the highest door and the houses nearby, no luck, but it was still fun. That's all for this week I think! love you guys!!!!!!!

Elder Randall

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