Monday, October 6, 2014

September 29th 2014

Aloha everybody! This week was a pretty good week. Lots of fun stuff happened. It rained for 3 days and we biked in it! I should of took pictures! We were so soaked! It was awesome lol. It's a great change from being hot and sweaty all the time. We did lots of service this week also. One of the times we just shoveled horse poop for 2 hours lol. We had lots of fun. We also went on exchanges twice this week. For one of them I went with Elder Moala in the Tongan Branch. It reminded me of when I used to serve in the Tongan ward in Honolulu. I can still understand most of what they're talking about. I'm going to miss all the Tongan people!   Oh and I bought an ukulele. I'll send you guys a picture of it. I like it, I'll try to practice some songs so I can play them when I get home. 
       Today is zone p-day so we're going to have fun lol! We went on a hike this morning to the light house. Again for like the 6th time. I didn't want to go but since we were going to be with the zone, we went anyway. Now we're emailing, and after we are going to go ice skating! That should be fun. We have an appointment with that one family of 4 investigators this wednesday. So that should be the highlight of this week. Enjoy the pictures. See you next week!!!

Elder Randall

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